Children’s Good-to-Knows Page

Hey all, Megan here. Below are some random facts about the Children’s Room that might be good for you to know! Be sure to also check out the FAQ page, Technology page, and Opening and Closing for the 1st floor. Thanks all!

The Fish

Please feed the fish every morning and turn on the light. The two tank lights are located on the back of the bumpy black top part of the tank. Food is in the cabinet under the tank. Fish should no more food than can fit in the center of your palm (about nickel sized). The food should be ground to the consistency of black pepper. Please record any fishy activity (sorry, I had to) in the fish log located by the food.

If there is a fish loss, please use the net in the black cabinet to remove the dearly departed. The fish can go in the garbage. Please e-mail Megan and Amy to let them know.

Sometimes the Angel Fish eat the tetra fish (circle of life!) this, according to the people who take care of our fish, is to be expected.

Another fun surprise is that the Angel Fish occasionally lay eggs on the water filter…and then eat them. No need to alert anyone to this, but if the Angel Fish are acting especially weird, this is what they might be up to.

Display Case

Kids can sign up to display a special collection in our display case. Display sign up sheet is located on the children’s desk in the great big pile of stuff in between the two computers.

If you’re working around the end of the month, kids may come in to get their collections. You can use the key in the Children’s Desk drawer marked “display case”