What is Contactless Pickup?

In pre-Covid times, you requested specific titles through the catalog or through a librarian, and once they were ready you’d get a notice and you could come to the library anytime to pick them up and check them out. Contactless Pick up is the system libraries developed to keep you safe and get you access to requested materials by appointment.

How do I request items for pickup? 

This part has not changed. Using your library card, request books, DVDs, and other library materials through your account at Minuteman Library Network, via the MLN app, or by calling the library at 978-440-5530.

How will I know when the items I request through the catalog are ready?
You will receive an email once items are available for you.

Once I receive my notification, how long do I have to schedule a pickup time? 

Check your hold notification, which will include a link to our contactless pick up appointment booking too and and a “must pick up by” date. Please consider that date as a “must make an appointment by” date. In other words, as long as you have an appointment, your items will still be there for you even if the date has passed. Slots fill up quickly, so choose one as soon as possible after receiving your notice.

How do I reserve my pickup time? 

In your hold notification, you’ll see a link to the contactless pick up appointment booking tool, also located at goodnowlibrary.org on our home page. You will be prompted to choose a pickup date and hour.

What if I miss my pickup time?

We have recently increased the number of appointments available per day. This means that we can no longer hold and re-book materials that were not picked up beyond the end of each day. If you call us (978-440-5530) before the end of pick up (4:30 pm on Monday-Wednesday, 7:30 pm on Thursday, and 1 pm on Friday and Saturday) we can re-book your appointment. Otherwise the materials will be returned to the shelves. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is the only way we can continue to serve the tremendous number of library users who borrow from us each day.

When and Where do I pick up items? 

We know you’re eager to get your materials, but please wait until your correct pick-up time to come to the library. This will allow the staff to put your materials out safely. Also, if you have any questions about your pick up, please ring the doorbell, or call 978-443-5520.

Items are located at the Goodnow Library main entrance. They will be in paper bags with a slip attached; the slip will have your name on it.  Your items are already checked out to you and ready to go!

Do I have to schedule a pickup time every time I receive a notice that materials are ready?

No! Pickup slots are not linked to individual titles, so if you are placing many requests, and you receive a hold notice, but you’re expecting more, please be assured that we will make our best effort to include additional items that arrive for you before your pickup appointment. Items that arrive the day of your pick up may not make it into your current bundle.

I still need help, how can I talk to a human?

Call 978-443-5530 during business hours or email us at [email protected] We’re always happy to help. You may need to leave us a message due to high call volume. We do monitor voice mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.