Goodnow Library Statement Against Racism


The Goodnow Library recognizes the deep sadness, anger and fear we are all feeling, inflamed by the ongoing violence against Black civilians, and especially by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Many people have risen to the challenge to protest, once again, against the ongoing violence towards Black people stemming from structural racism and systemic inequality in our nation.

The Goodnow Library unequivocally rejects hate, racism and bigotry of any kind. We have zero tolerance for this in our building or on our social media presence.  We are committed to justice for all people and stand in solidarity with those who are asking for a systemic change that will lead to a safer, kinder nation.

We believe that promoting the seeking of knowledge and information leads to understanding and empathy.

In light of this important, and ongoing, issue we offer the following resources:

Children’s Resource List

Teen Resource List

Adult/All-ages Resource List


In peace,

Esmé Green, Director of the Goodnow Library

The Staff of the Goodnow Library

The Board of Trustees of the Goodnow Library