How to Check Children’s Inbox

Please check the e-mail inbox at least once per shift. To get to the inbox, look for the Outlook Web App bookmark on the children’s computers or click HERE. Login using our username and password. Once you’re in the e-mail, click “inbox” to see messages in the inbox. Click on an e-mail to see its content (will appear to the right). Many e-mail will be junk (advertisements). Some e-mails will be questions you can answer. A few e-mails might be more complicated. Click on an e-mail to see the message. If the e-mail is junk (advertisement from Demco!) please delete it by clicking “Delete” at the top of the screen. This will remove the e-mail from the inbox. If the e-mail is a question you can answer click the little arrow next to “reply all” Select “reply” or “replay all” (if there are multiple people on the e-mail thread). Type your response to the patron and then hit “send.” If the e-mail does not require any follow up, please move it into the “Patron E-mails” folder by clicking “Move to” and then clicking “Patron E-mails” If the e-mail is something you cannot answer, please forward it to the appropriate person (probably your department head). Forward an e-mail by selecting the arrow next to “reply all.” Next, click “forward” Type the e-mail address of the person you’d like to forward the e-mail to and click send. Once you’ve forwarded the e-mail, please add it to the “forwarded to DH” folder by clicking “move to” and then “move to a different folder” Select the folder “Forwarded to DH” and “move” Questions? Need help? Want a walk through? Just ask 🙂