Inclement Weather Procedure

If the library will be closed due to weather, it will be posted to the blog, website and other social media outlets. Check those places for information. This is also true if library is closing early or has a delayed opening. If you are working and there is no supervisor in charge, and you feel like the weather is bad enough to warrant closing, contact the Director or Librarian in charge for instructions.

If the library is open and snow is collecting in the parking lot and walkways in such a way as to seem unsafe, call the Highway Department’s 24 hour Snow Line at: 978-440-5411 and let them know. They will do their best to send a plow.

Here is a checklist of unplanned closing procedures.

Town snow notification system

If you sign up for it, you will get a text or call about closures DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS. You still will need to check the usual places during nights and weekends.

With snow in the forecast, this seems like an ideal time to update the Town Staff notification system for snow closures and other emergencies.

Phone and Text Message Notification
In the event of an office closure or delay due to a snow, etc., a voice mail and text message will be sent to employees who complete the following form:

Only employees who sign up for the notifications will be contacted in the event of snow closures, delays, etc. Those who do not sign up will not receive notification in this way. The information provided during signup will only be used for the purpose of notification.