Emergencies and Closings

Calling the Police

If you feel like you or other patrons are unsafe in any way, call the police. Any illegal activity in the library should be addressed by the police, including illegal activity reported to you by patrons.

Administration and the Sudbury Police encourage you to call the police whenever you feel you or a patron is unsafe. We would rather you be safe than sorry. The police don’t mind coming, even if it is a false alarm. The only person you need permission from to call the police is yourself.

If it is not an emergency you can call the business line (978-443-2121). 

Any time you contact the police you should also e-mail or call your supervisor.

Medical Emergency 

Click link above for our procedure for medical emergencies.

Emergency Evacuation Plan 

Click link above for our Emergency Evacuation Plan. Please note: this plan is for situations that allow patrons and staff ample reaction time. If faced with an immediate life-threatening situation, your only responsibility is to get yourself to safety.

Inclement Weather Procedure

Click link above for information on what to do if the library is closed due to weather.