Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather…

This is what Esmé (or other person in charge if she is unavailable) will be doing:

  • If the storm is underway, monitor forecast.
  • Call Jim Kelly in the Facilities Department (978-360-6131) to discuss, and regarding walkways.
  • Depending on the timing of the storm, we may call Dean Romanow of the cleaning company to send in someone to shovel the walkways. (508-479-9988).
  • Call Highway Department Snow Room (978-443-2209, ext.1) regarding condition of parking lot.
  • Check email for message from Town Manager’s Office.
  • Make a recommendation about opening or closing the library depending on the timing of the storm and condition of the lot and walkways—taking library hours into consideration.
  • Change message on Line 7 for staff to check by 7:30 AM, 8:00 at latest.
  • Place Message on Facebook, blog and website (Karen will do this)

This is what you should do:
Check the storm line, Facebook, staff blog or the website for announcements of closing or delayed opening. If there is none, you should come to work as usual. We will also send a group email.

Calling the Police

If you feel like you or other patrons are unsafe in any way, call the police. Any illegal activity in the library should be addressed by the police, including illegal activity reported to you by patrons.

Administration and the Sudbury Police encourage you to call the police whenever you feel you or a patron is unsafe. We would rather you be safe than sorry. The police don’t mind coming, even if it is a false alarm. The only person you need permission from to call the police is yourself.

If it is not an emergency you can call the business line (978-443-2121). 

Any time you contact the police you should also e-mail or call your supervisor.

Emergency Evacuation from the Building

Fire (or smoke) visible