Esme Green –  Library Director

Library extension :  5515

Cell phone:617-230-4964

When to call/text her cell: Any big emergencies (fire, flood, lots of blood etc), if the library doors will not open.


Karen Tobin –  Assistant Director/Head of Reference

Library extension :  5525

Cell phone: 508-926-9592

When to call/text her cell: If you can’t get a hold of Esme, urgent reference questions, urgent technology questions.


Megan Warren –  Head of Children’s Services

Library extension :  5545

Cell phone: 262-366-2725


When to call/text her cell: Children’s staff should feel free to call or text Megan with any questions. Please also let her know if you’re going to miss a shift!

Mike Briody – Head of Circulation

Library extension :  5535


Bettie Rose – Head of Technical Services

Library extension :  5555


Robert Carter – Teen Librarian

Library extension :  5523


Anna Roughsedge –  Business Office

Library extension: 5511


Rafeal – Custodian

Cell phone: 508-739-3127

Rafeal works:

Monday and Thursday: 6am-2pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday : 6am-noon


Call or find him when custodial work is needed. If custodial work is needed after Rafeal has left, contact a department head.