Important Contacts for Staff

Esme Green –  Library Director

Library extension :  5515

Cell phone:617-230-4964

When to call/text her cell: Any big emergencies (fire, flood, lots of blood etc), if the library doors will not open (or close).


Karen Tobin –  Assistant Director/Head of Reference

Library extension :  5525

Cell phone: 508-926-9592

When to call/text her cell: If you can’t get a hold of Esme, urgent reference questions, urgent technology questions.


Megan Warren –  Head of Children’s Services

Library extension :  5545

Cell phone: 262-366-2725


When to call/text her cell: Children’s staff should feel free to call or text Megan with any questions. Please also let her know if you’re going to miss a shift!

Mike Briody – Head of Circulation

Library extension :  5535


Bettie Rose – Head of Technical Services

Library extension :  5555


Robert Carter – Teen Librarian

Library extension :  5523


Anna Roughsedge –  Business Office

Library extension: 5511


Raphael – Custodian

Cell phone: 508-739-3127

Raphael works:

Monday and Thursday: 6am-2pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday : 6am-noon

Call or find him when custodial work is needed. If custodial work is needed after Raphael has left, contact a department head.

Brian Powell and Mark Thompson – Town Technology Administrators

Brian Extension: 3305

Mark Extension: 978-639-3306

Mark cell phone: 7978-443-1033

When to call: Call during business hours (8-4, usually) when the library’s public or staff computers are not working.

 Minuteman Network

Did you know? The Minuteman Network Staff Site is a great resource for staff. You can check the minuteman calendar, sign up for classes, read minutes from meetings, and more.

Also on the Minuteman Staff Site is a contacts page, with phone numbers and e-mail addresses of staff who can help you fix problems in Sierra, answer questions, and more. You can also find contact information for almost everyone who works in the minuteman system on the All Staff Directory.

Don’t have a minuteman login yet but need help with Sierra or other systems? You can use MLN contact information pdf to find contacts at central site.