Reporting to Work


Parking for all library-goers is restricted to the lot behind the library. DO NOT park in the lot next to the library (Salem 5). Unless you have physical restrictions, please park at the back of the lot, reserving closer spots to for our patrons.

Garbage is picked up once per week and recycling is picked up every other week. On garbage or recycling days, please do not park in front of the dumpers. The Staff Blog‘s daily update will let you know if it is a trash or recycling day.

Getting in

Regular staff will have a keycard to gain access to the library. Please be aware of patrons behind you -sometimes patrons will sneak in! Please note you will need your keycard on both the outer and inner doors.

For subs and new staff, you might have to wait until 9 AM to come in, unless a regular staff member is available to let you in.

Regular staff, please arrive a few minutes before your shift to put away your things.

Circulation, children’s, and reference all have closets in their offices in which you may store coats, purses, etc. Any refrigerated food you brought for lunch may be stored in the refrigerator in the upstairs staff room. Please remember to clean your food out of the staff refrigerator and clean up after yourself!

Logging in

Using your unique staff number, given to you by Anna or your supervisor, log into Time Clock Plus.

You’ll type your number into the designated space, then press the green “clock in” button. On the next screen be sure to click “continue” to complete logging in.

To log out, type your number into the designated space, then press the green “clock out” button. On the next screen be sure to click “continue” to complete logging out.

If you forget to login, please do so as soon as you remember and send an e-mail to Anna ( If you forget to logout, e-mail Anna ASAP.


Anyone working 4 or 5 hours may receive a 15 minute break. Most staffers enjoy their break in the upstairs staff room, though some prefer to take a walk or enjoy their break elsewhere. You do not need to log out for your 15 minute break.

Staffers working 6 or 7 hours must take a half hour break. Please logout at the beginning of your break and log back in when you return.

Staffers working 8 or more hours must take an hour unpaid lunch break. Please logout at the beginning of your break and log back in when you return..

While most staff brings a bag or microwaveable lunch, there are a few places in town to eat. Franco’s  is right across the street and serves Italian food. Sudbury Farms   and Whole Foods grocery stores have excellent prepared food sections.

In the Children’s Department, if you need to leave the desk to use the bathroom, get a drink, or any other reason, please put out the “we’ll be right back!” sign located under the desk.

Dress Code

Please arrive dressed neatly for work. Keep in mind that you are representing Goodnow Library to the public and should dress and act accordingly. All staff should be clean, appropriately covered, well-groomed, and dressed professionally. Professional-looking, non-holey jeans are acceptable when worn with a professional top. Yoga pants and sweat pants are not acceptable. In the summertime, please keep in mind that the library is heavily air conditioned and may want to bring a sweater or dress in layers.

End of shift

At the end of your shift, please remember to logout. If you are working during closing, the staff usually walks out together. Shut down your section of the library and then meet other staffers in the circulation office or library foyer to wait for your co-workers.

Getting Paid

Payday is every other Thursday. Your payment will be directly deposited into your account and your pay-stub will be in your mailbox. Substitutes will be mailed their paystubs. At Goodnow library, “weeks” run from Friday to Thursday. Most staff members should not work more then 19.5 hours per week. If you are schedule for more than 19.5 hours in a week, please alert your supervisor immediately.