Common Questions

Children’s should review this page and the Children’s Good-to-Knows Page.

Q: Where’s the bathroom? 

On the second floor, bathrooms are located to the left of the reference desk by the drinking fountains. On the lower level, bathrooms are in the back hallway past the circulation desk. Children’s has a bathroom with a changing station.

Q: What’s the wifi password? 

A: Goodnow Library has an open wifi network called “Sudbury”

Q: How do I put a book on hold?

A: A patron can put a book on hold through the their Minuteman Account  with his or her pin password. You can also put book on hold for them, using the Staff Guide to Putting Items on Hold. 

Q: How do I get a library card? 

A: You must be 5 years old to get a library card. Children ages 5-10 MUST have a parent’s signature and the parent must present a valid ID (driver’s license). Children/Teens ages 10-17 must present some form of ID (school ID, official homework and the like are all acceptable). Adults must present a valid ID. Those who wish to get a library card must complete an Minuteman Library Application Form 10-6-2015. To create a library card, follow our Staff Guide to Creating a Library Card. 

Q: In Reference:  Where do my prints come out and how much do they cost? 

A: On the little shelf under the printer/copier. Printing is 15 cents per paper (not per side). Color printing is 50 cents.

Q: Can I print in Children’s? 

A: All printing is done upstairs in the reference department.

Q: What libraries are in the Minuteman Network? 

THESE libraries! 

Q: Can I eat and drink in here? 

A: Yes! We just ask that you keep liquids away from the computers and clean up after yourself.

Q: Where can I get museum passes? 

A: The Reference Desk!

Q: Where can I check out my items? 

A: If you have your card, you can use the self-check out stations or see a circulation assistant at the circulation desk. We do not check out materials at the Children’s or Reference desks.

Q: How do I register for a program? 

A:You can register for a program on our calendar. Click the word “register” under the program you’d like to sign up for.

Q: Where is the lost and found? 

Lost and found items are held behind the Children’s Desk. We hold items from the current and previous months.

Q: I forgot my library card. Can I still check out books?

A: We strongly encourage patrons to bring their library cards. If you did forget your card, we will accept a license to check out books. We cannot accept other forms of ID other than license for check out. We are happy to put books aside or on hold for you until the end of the day if you wish to return with your library card or license.

Q: The parking lot is full! Where can I park!?!

A: Parking is limited and we are very popular. If our lot is full, there are a few public parking spots on Church street. You may give the patron a Parking at the Library handout.

Q: How long can I check this out for? 

A: All our items except new movies and speed reads can be checked out for 2 weeks and, if there are no holds, can be renewed twice. Speed reads and new movies can be checked out for one week.

Q: I accidentally returned an elementary school book to the library! 

A: No worries, we send all school books to their respective schools. Check back with your school librarian in a week and the item should be returned.

Q: Do you accept donations? 

A: The Friends of the Library accept monetary donations for programs and books for the book sale. In general, we do not accept books for the collection but Department Heads are happy to look at donated books. For more on donations, see the donation page on our website.

Q: Can I leave my child in the children’s room while I go upstairs? 

A: At Goodnow we ask that all adults remain within “hugging distance” of any children under the age of 10. This means that an adult should be able to hug his or her child(ren) with ease. In order to do this, the child must be within the adult’s sight and not too far away from him or her. To learn more about unattended children, see our Safety for Children policy. Staff faced with unattended children may present caregivers with our “Sticking Together at the Library” handout.

Q: I don’t think this book should be in the children/teen/library collection!

A: Thank you for letting us know. Please fill out a Request for reconsideration. The head of the Department and the Director will review the form and make a decision. Once the patron has completed this form, leave it in Esme’s mailbox in the staff room.

Q: There’s an “unaccompanied adult” in the Children’s or Teen Room!

Approach the adult and ask if they are there with a child or teen (if “yes,” then you might want to talk to them about our unattended child policy!). If the patron says no, tell them that this space is reserved for children/teens, but you’d be happy to show them other nice spots in the library to read/study/use computers. If the adult argues that there are no children/teens currently in the area, let them know that we still keep the area clear of adults so any children or teens coming in will know that this space is theirs. Even during school hours we still get visits from home schooled teens and children who use the spaces.

Unattended adults are welcome to come into the areas and get materials, but we ask that they read or work elsewhere.