Meet your Teen Librarian

Robert Carterrobertcarter_photo150

Interests: Books, making things, teaching STEM classes, fly-fishing, books, film-making, board gaming, playing guitar and ukulele (badly), playing Irish fiddle (worse), Nintendo, Doctor Who, LEGOs, dogs and cats, and books.

Favorite books: Watership Down, Bleak House, Ready Player One, The Magicians trilogy, and anything by Leon Garfield or Terry Pratchett.

Current obsession: My Xcarve CNC wood-cutting machine.

Most proud of: My children.

Cringeworthy moment: In the dark ages, before Macs and Windows, I accidentally erased the entire contents of a computer at my college work/study job, right after a tech had spent 3 long days setting it up.

Personal quote: There has never been a better time to be a nerd.