How to Do Stored Print (From Children’s)

Start by going to File – Print as you normally would to print any document. 

Select printer. In Children’s, the HP LaserJet is the printer under the children’s desk.

To do a stored print, you want the upstairs printer; the RICOH MP C3003

After you’ve selected the RICOH, click “Printer Properties”

In Printer Properties, look for “Job Type;” scroll down and click on “Stored Print” and then click “Ok” 

When you’ve done all that, click print! Then head to the upstairs printer.


When you get to the upstairs printer, wake up the screen by clicking the “Home” button. Next, click the “Printer” button.

Now, click on “Print Jobs”

Click on “children”

Under “children” you’ll see a list of stored print jobs. Select the one you want and then press “Print”

Enter the password; 1862

Finally, click Print and your stored job will print!