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Goodnow Library Stands with Ukraine

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The Goodnow Library stands with the Ukrainian Library Association who continues to serve patrons in the midst of war:

“ …The fifth day of the full-scale Russia’s invasion to Ukraine is ongoing, air bombing of a large number of cities and villages of whole Ukraine, Russian tanks are on approaches to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Russian subversive groups are on our land. The occupiers are firing not only on the military infrastructure, but also on schools, museums, libraries, hospitals, civilian residences…In these challenging times Ukrainian librarians are together with all the people. There where it is possible, libraries continue to provide their services to users, including online services. Libraries are working in cyberspace against disinformation. Libraries are holding classes in emergency medical assistance. Hostels, care units for displaced persons are accommodated in libraries. Ukraine is supported by the whole civilized world. We have received a lot of letters of support from library associations and librarians from different countries. We are receiving media help in spreading true information about Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. We are being offered help in accommodating Ukrainian refugees…The profession of a librarian obliges everyone who has chosen it to be media literate. Librarians as no one else must stand against disinformation…”