l-r: Eriko Frank, Ingrid Mayyasi, Elizabeth Iwasaki, Katina Fontes, Megan Kelley, Jean Nam

The Library Board of Trustees consists of six elected members who serve three year terms. The Board establishes and oversees policy for the governing of the library and has responsibility for the management and expenditure of trust funds, as outlined in its Bylaws.

The board usually meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm, but please check the calendar for updates. The board does not meet in July and August. Minutes will be published upon approval. Meeting documents can be found HERE. Recordings are available at SudburyTV.

Contact: [email protected]

Current Board

NameTerm    End Date
Katina Fontes 305/31/2025
Eriko Frank 305/31/2027
Elizabeth Iwasaki, Vice-chair 305/31/2026
Megan Kelley 305/31/2027
Ingrid Mayyasi 305/31/2026
Jean Nam, , Chair 305/31/2025

Trustee Spotlight

Fall 2023: New Library Initiatives