Minute Madness begins on March 1st! Libraries with the most minutes move on each week in the bracket for a chance to compete in the Finals!

How to participate:

Keep track of the minutes you read, and log them on paper forms (available at the Circulation, Children’s and Reference desks) or log online! (Minutes logged before March 1 will not be counted.)

How it works:

This is an All-Ages competition and all kinds of reading counts: books, graphic novels, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers. We’ll be competing against 22 other libraries for reading glory! 

Round 1: (March 1- March 7) This week will be a “free for all” – all libraries will compete and the 16 libraries with the most minutes logged by 2pm on Thursday, March 7 will land a spot on the bracket. We will use the rankings from this week to seed the bracket for Week 2 (#1 vs. #16, #2 vs. #15, #3 vs. #14, and so on).

Round 2: (March 7- March 14) 16 libraries will compete in a bracket-style tournament. (For the less sporty amongst us – this means your library will be playing head-to-head against one other library. The winner moves forward to the next round).

Round 3: (March 14- 21) 8 libraries will compete in a bracket-style tournament. 4 libraries will proceed to the “Fierce Four”

Fierce Four: (March 21- 28) 4 libraries compete in a bracket-style tournament for the chance to compete in the Championship round.

Championship: (March 28 – April 4) the top two libraries compete for victory!