Affinity Designer– A pixel and vector based design program.  Installed on all the laptops in the NOW Lab, it’s great for making both artwork and files for laser cutting.
Affinity Photo– A photo editing software similar to photoshop.  It is installed on all the laptops in the NOW Lab.

Affinity Publisher– A desktop publishing software.  It can be used to lay out brochures, magazines, posters, and even books.  It is installed on all the laptops in the NOW Lab.

Arduino and Raspberry Pis which you are free to come in and tinker with. 
Canva Pro– This online design software is available on the NOW Lab laptops.  Look for the shortcut in the Chrome browser.

Inkscape– An open source pixel based software which is useful for making .svg files for laser cutting. Check out our guide to tracing a bitmap in Inkscape to laser cutting.
Silhouette Studio– This software is used in conjunction with the Silhouette Cameo 4 machine we have in the NOW Lab.  Here you will find a free download for the Basic Edition of the software, which is quite robust, as well as tutorials. 

Tinkercad– Interested in learning how to create 3d designs for printing?  This program has many tutorials to teach you the basics of 3d design and printing.

Online Classes

Creativebug– Log on with your library card to take art, sewing, knitting, and many other crafty classes.

Hoopla– Log on with your library card and discover classes from the website Craftsy.

Free Software

Krita– A pixel based drawing software created by artists “who want to see affordable art tools for everyone.”