Sudbury Library Policy Manual Policy #5-2

Approved: 11/13; 10/15; 6/18, 2/22





1 Week

• New DVDs and Blu-rays (Feature Films)

• Speed Read and Quick Read Books

2 Weeks

• Everything else except museum passes and downloadable materials

Museum Passes

• Most museum passes are now electronic or one-time-use coupons which do not have to be returned. A few are returnable. Returnable passes are due back before we open on the next day we are open.

Library of Things

• Library of things items may be checked out for up to 14 days with no renewals; patrons may choose the number of days they wish to borrow the item when they place their reservation.

Downloadable materials (eBooks, eAudiobooks, Video, Music)

• Downloadable content is provided through several sources. Loan periods and renewals vary by source and/or material type. Materials are returned automatically.


• Most items (including those from other Minuteman Libraries) may be renewed twice if there are no outstanding requests. There are no renewals on the following items: o Speed Read and Quick Reads Books

o New DVDs and Blu-ray (Feature Films and TV Series)


Sudbury Library Policy Manual Policy #5-2

Approved: 11/13; 10/15; 6/18, 2/22

• Most items may be requested by any patron, with the exception of Speed Read and Quick Read Books. Console Games, eReaders and technology devices may be requested by Sudbury residents for Sudbury pick up only.


At Goodnow, materials may be returned in person in the book drop at the circulation desk. In addition, there is an outdoor book drop in the wall to the left of the entry doors, and a freestanding drive-up book drop facing the outgoing driveway. Most materials may be returned via these book drops, with exceptions noted below. In addition, most items may be returned to any Minuteman Library; the same exception apply.

We offer the exterior book drops for the convenience of our patrons, but on occasion, they may overflow or may be locked to protect our materials in extreme weather conditions. If the freestanding book drop is locked, or if either book drop is overflowing, please do not try to force materials in or leave materials on or outside the book drops.

Materials lost or damaged in or around the book drops are the responsibility of the patron and the patron may be charged for any loss or damage accordingly. If the book drops are locked or full, patrons are advised to come back another day. We will be happy to adjust or waive fines when the material is safely returned.


Playviews borrowed from Goodnow must be returned to the Circulation Desk at Goodnow. They should never be placed in the book drops. There will be a $5 fee assessed for returning any of these items through the book drops.

Library of Things items must be returned to the Reference Desk at the Goodnow Library.

Video Games and museum passes may be put into the book drops, but must be returned directly to the Goodnow Library and not to any other library.

All other items may be put in the book drops or returned to any Minuteman library.


No overdue fines will be assessed on Minuteman Library Network items checked out at the Goodnow Library. If you pick your materials up at another library, fines may apply.

Fines will not be waived on Comcat/Worldcat interlibrary loan items. These are items from outside the Minuteman Network. If you’re not sure about an item, just ask us when you check out.

Please note that items which are returned in an incomplete state (i.e., an empty case, an item missing its booklet, CDs missing from an audio book, a travel book missing its map) will not be checked in and may accrue fines until all parts have been returned.

Sudbury Library Policy Manual Policy #5-2

Approved: 11/13; 10/15; 6/18, 2/22


Any item that is not returned or returned in unusable condition will be billed to the patron at the price listed in the catalog. If there is no price in the catalog, a default price (based on the type of material) will be assessed.

• The determination of the usability of the item will be made by the supervisor of the department to which the item was assigned. Materials from other Minuteman libraries will be assessed by the owning library and charged accordingly.

• NO REFUNDS will be made under any circumstances, so please raise any concerns before payment is made.

• Only payment for lost or damaged items will be accepted. No replacement copies will be accepted.


The following fees apply to Goodnow materials only. Each Minuteman library sets its own fees.

Missing Parts & Replacement

• Museum Pass envelopes: $5.00

• Barcodes and RFID tags: $2.00

• Inserts: $1.00

• Inserts w/barcodes: $3.00

• Artwork for Video Discs and CDs: $3.00

• Maps/booklets (if not essential to usefulness of item): $2.00

• Discs (if not essential to usefulness of item): $5.00

• Instruction booklets, Discs and CDs integral to use of material: replacement cost for total item

• Damaged or lost magazines: flat fee of $5.00

• Playaway battery cover: $1.00

The library reserves the right to assess a fee for any damaged or missing parts of library material.

Replacement of AV material

For loss or damage to most single or double disks, such as CDs, Video Discs or Video Games, patrons are responsible for full replacement costs. This also includes other devices such as Playviews and Playaways.

Sudbury Library Policy Manual Policy #5-2

Approved: 11/13; 10/15; 6/18, 2/22

For loss or damage to single items from sets with multiple discs, patrons will be responsible for the cost of the lost or damaged disc, if replaceable. If single disc replacement is not available, patrons are responsible for the replacement cost of the whole item.

Missing/damaged cases

• DVD/Blu-ray/Video Game – $4.00 (includes barcode charge)

• Jewel case – $3.00 (includes barcode charge)

• Audio books (includes barcode charge, art work, case) o 12 cd (or fewer) case: $8.00

o 13-24 cd case: $10.00

o 25-36 cd case: $14.00


If lost or damaged, the following charges will apply:

• Carrying case: $10.00

• Charger: $20.00

• Case: $25.00

• For replacement device: $500.00


If lost or damaged, the following charges will apply:

Carrying Case: $5.00

Charger: $20.00

For replacement device: $120.00

Library of Things

• Please see the Library of Things policy for details on replacement and repai costs.


Commonweath Catalog (ComCat) refers to materials obtained from a cooperative catalog linking most Massachusetts library networks.

• ComCat materials circulate for four weeks and cannot be renewed.

• Minuteman network policy sets overdue fines of $2.00 per day on ComCat materials.

• ComCat items charged out at Sudbury must be returned only to Sudbury.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) refers to materials obtained from outside the Minuteman Library Network or ComCat.