Strategic Plan

Download a copy of the Goodnow Library Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Create. Cultivate. Collaborate.


The Goodnow is the public library of Sudbury, MA.

The heart of the community, Goodnow is user centered, where ideas are shared and nurtured.

Goodnow is a gathering space for intellectual cultivation and social collaboration.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, October 1, 2013


The most profound result of the Goodnow Library’s last strategic plan was the establishment of the Goodnow Library Foundation, which has been tremendously successful in achieving many goals set out in that last plan. We have put in place a structure that allows the library to fund necessary enhancements asked for by our stakeholders, such as new forms of technology like iPads, a broader range of programming, and capital upgrades like that happening now in the Children’s Room.

Our current challenge is to transform into the library of today. One with the core purpose still to promote reading, provide reading material and serve everyone. Now, we must maintain our value as a physical place, but also evolve into a virtual resource beyond bricks and mortar.

Create. Cultivate. Collaborate.

When we asked for input from our users, several themes emerged. They want to see the Library reach its full potential as the town’s community center. A place where people come together to share and explore ideas. An enriching place where they can learn and be entertained by not just the rich collections, but a variety of programs, lectures and activities. They want to see community relationships strengthened, a visible connection with the schools, clubs and socially responsible organizations. And most of all, they want to feel connected and aware of all of the library’s resources and events.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to help the Library fulfill its mission and vision. By identifying the Library’s institutional priorities and creating a roadmap for its direction over the next four years, the plan provides guidance that will allow and encourage our all of our stakeholders to work together toward common goals.
A strategic plan is a living document, a management tool for the library, and the blueprint for service enhancements over the next four years. This strategic plan, “Create, Cultivate, Collaborate,” sets the course for the future, based on where the library has been, where it is going and what strategies will be used to meet those future trends, needs and wants of the library user.

Esmé Green, Library Director