“I started the Read Woke challenge in response to the needs of my students. I want my students to read books that challenge social norms, give voice to the silenced, and seek to challenge the status quo. I believe students have a right to know about the issues that are plaguing our society. I believe that they have a right to hear the truth.

I created Read Woke Books because I want our students to be knowledgeable and compassionate citizens. They will be the leaders of our society soon, and they need to be equipped with knowledge so they can treat others with the dignity and respect they deserve. And in return, they will be treated with respect.

When students learn how history impacts our lives today, they can take part in changes to make our world a better place for all.”

—Cicely Lewis

African American Voices

Asian American Voices

Diverse Abilities

Female Voices

Hispanic American Voices

Immigrant and Refugee Voices


Native American Voices

Social Injustice and Racism

Voices of Those Experiencing Homelessness and Poverty

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