Many part time staff at the library do not have any paid time off, or otherwise lose hours. When there is a holiday, or they need to take time off for sick, vacation, or any other reason, they lose hours. This is a pilot program that attempts to address this. We will reassess after a full fiscal year.


  • PT Staff may make up lost hours. 
    • Example 1: someone who is grandfathered in and earns sick/vacation loses time when the library is closed two days for a holiday;
    • Example 2: someone who does not earn paid time off loses time for vacation.
  • They must communicate with their supervisor in advance to work out the details. The made up hours must be within the same pay period, and must serve the needs of the library.
  • PT Staff may switch shifts with other PT Staff. The same rules apply as for making up hours.
  • PT staff may earn extra hours if the department has an opening to fill under the following conditions:
    • No substitutes are available for the shift
    • The added hours do not go over 20 hours in a week within the two week pay period
    • No one is required to work extra hours, and extra hours are not guaranteed


  • Interested PT Staff may opt in
  • An ordered list will be made up of those who opt in
  • When a need arises for extra hours, the supervisor of the department will call the people on the list and work through it in order, so that the system does not benefit one person over another

List of Opt-in Staff: 

  • List will start in order of earliest hire date
  • Supervisor will contact in order, indicating how long they will wait for a response before moving on to the next person on the list
  • Supervisor will make a notation of who was called, dates, etc.