Museum Passes

Museum passes are limited. Each museum provides one pass for each day, so we encourage you to book in advance.

You can see the available dates for museum passes and make reservations right from the web! Passes may be reserved up to eight weeks before the date of use.

We are currently circulating  electronic/patron printable passes ONLY. We hope to begin circulating coupon passes (the passes that don’t need to be returned) soon. Please check back as we add museums.

Because of COVID restrictions, most museums require timed entries, to be booked directly with the museum using the code we will give you. Please read your electronic/printable pass carefully.

We do not currently have the ability to allow patrons to cancel their own reservations. When this becomes available, we will post it here. In the meantime, please email [email protected] or call 978-440-5520 to cancel or change reservations.